New Cathertonia 2008

The enthusiastic troops took many an objective this year expanding the mighty domain that is New Cathertonia.

My sincere thanks to these intrepid souls.

Casa Rosada, Buenos Aries, Argentina

Central Post, Buenos Aries, Argentina

Police station, Port Stanley, Falklands


Cathedral, Port Stanley, Falklands

Post office, Port Stanley, Falklands

Salisbury Plains, South Georgia Island

Penguins! If there is one thing that's just as wonderful as ponies, it's penguins.

Shackleton Valley, South Georgia Island

Named for Ernest Shackleton. It has been said that his greatest failure was his greatest success. If the illegitimi ever totally carborundum you, then read about this man. He will inspire you to gird your loins and go forth.

Stromness, South Georgia Island

Need more penguins. You can never have too many penguins.

Cape Horn, Chile



Half Moon Island, Antarctic.

Now, that's impressive. You know, you start out with an innocent little project aimed at conquering the world

but you never, in your wildest dreams, ever, think you'll reach the Antarctic. The troops rock.

The Rock of Gibralter

A strategic objective. Of, course, Morocco's going to be choked, not to mention Spain.

The summit of the Rock of Gibralter

Great view from up here. Say, isn't that Spain? We'll be dropping by later to discuss a small matter of turbots. Thought we forgot, eh?




Edinburgh, Scotland

Where enquiries for directions to the Speyside River were promptly made.



Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

I have always wanted one of these things. It's there in the fog; you can just make it out.

Mount Etna, Sicily

Bordeaux, France

Cathedral, Cologne, Germany

Divine. And mine.

Castle Rhenstein, the Rhine, Germany

Castle Callenburg, Coburg, Germany

Fortress Marienburg, Germany

Marksburg Castle, the Rhine, Germany


Nuremberg Castle, Germany

Passau, Germany

Residence Prince Bishops, Wuerzburg, Germany

Rose Gardens, Abby Bamberg, Germany

St. Emmeram Castle, Thurn und Taxis, Germany

That Gloria sure knows how to throw a party.

The Roemer, Frankfurt, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Having demonstrably taken pretty much every square inch of Germany, this industrious troop decided to move on to the navy since the only thing that was stopping her was, like, the water.

Cat'onia rule the waves.

Havana, Cuba

This was risky and required great fortitude.


Your ubiquitous moulin, mais c'est ne pas rouge. C'est ne pas le pipe, either.

Isla de Margarita, Venezuela

With the flanks of New Cathertonia firmly protected, the head of home security decided to lash out and do a little conquering of his own.

Mount Vesuvius, Italy

Unlike in 79, *we* barely left a mark on Pompeii.

Castello Aragonese, Ischia, Italy

Naples, Italy

They make a fond yellow.

Piza, Italy



Negril, Jamaica

Peace and love. At Rick's. Hm. So that's where he opened his next gin joint. In all the towns in all the world and pray the gin's imported.

Valetta Ruins, Malta

I swear they were already ruined by the time the troops got there.

Dalt Villa, Ibiza, Spain

As for the gun, it is strictly coincidence. Now, about those turbots.

Parliament, Storting-Oslo, Norway

House of the Nobel Peace Society, Oslo, Norway

Peace. Yeah, right. As Tom Lehrer said, "Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize." Well, this is what you get for killing satire. Way to go.

Phuket, Thailand



That Louang, Vientiane, Laos

Buddha Park, Vientiane, Laos

Lisbon, Portugal

Pracade Comercio, Lisbon, Portugal

Deocletion Palace, Croatia

Taoromina, Sicily

Ghandan Monastary, Mongolia

At last, tattered and torn, the colours made it all the way to Mongolia.

Turns out the gin was domestic. Jamaican gin, what were we thinking?

Updated map in War Ops. gloatgloatgloat

Oh, how beauteously New Cathertonia has flourished and thrived. Wait a second, what's that underneath? It wouldn't be a few handy phrases of Pashto, would it? Hey, isn't that what most of the Taleban in Afghanist . . . . . never mind.

This will be continued in 2010 when we'll see what mischief the scamps get up to.

In order to simplfy matters I did try to register at Tiff'nys, but they and similar tat-mongers generally don't stock items such as the Suez Canal, much less Tiananmen/Red Square, or the White House (it's been a while since Ross paid a visit), the Pyramids of Giza; I love those things. And then there's theTaj Mahal. How can any legitimate perveyer of romance not stock the Taj? Or the rest of the Raj, for that matter. Africa, for heaven's sakes. We won't conquer Africa. By God, we'll adopt it.

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