Fort Catherine
est. 23rd day of June, anno Domini, 2006
"Where the sun is always over the yardarm."

Prior to 2006, the Halifax Citadel, est. 1749, boasted of having never been invaded. This flagrant challenge, coupled with the prohibitive costs of 21st century fort construction, led to an inevitable conclusion:

"Why bother to build your own fort when you can follow tradition and take someone else's."

Directly following the report of the noon-gun the Union Jack was lowered, and for the first time in 257 years another flag, the flag of New Catatonia, was flown in its stead. Desperate to avoid another Iraq or Viet Nam the occupation was prudently short lived. Validation was secured when all of the pages from the guest book were removed. Regardless, the Citadel can no longer legitimately claim to have never been invaded, let alone occupied.

Loading the flag with media scrum.

Hoisting. . .

Meanwhile, over at the noon-gun. . .

Flag of New Catatonia rising.

Overtaking the Union Jack

Full Mast

Proudly she waves.

Debriefing tourists.

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